Saturday, September 22, 2012

A little Reminder

I'm still alive. Recent life events, that took place over the span of two years, have kept me from putting pen to paper...

Ok you know that's a lie. I've just been extremely lazy and moderately self depricating, to be able to write anything. And as always, unless it's perfectly beautiful and absolutely brilliant (in my own opinion of course) I won't put it out there for anybody to read. As a result, I gave up writing altogether because I couldn't begin to write (or complete writing) anything worthwhile.

So as punishment, or practice, as reprimand or redemption, I'm going to write crap. Everyday. Until I'm able to produce what I want to. I'm going to make myself write every little thought I have and read it; torture myself by putting my thoughts out there for everyone to read.

Wish me luck.


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